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Connolly, Former Head of N.H. Securities Office, To Run For Governor

via C-Span

Democrat Mark Connolly is best known for an 8-year run leading N.H.'s Securities Bureau, where he pursued high-profile fraud cases, including against Tyco International and the Ponzi scheme known as FRM.  

After clashing with the Attorney general’s office and former Governor John Lynch over the state’s handling of FRM, Connolly resigned in 2010, and wrote a book accusing the state of a cover-up.

He then set up shop as an investment advisor. When Connolly spoke at last month’s New Hampshire  Democratic Convention, he stressed his work policing the world of high finance.

“Over an eight year period, an office of ten people we fined these banks, these Wall Street interests over 50 million dollars. We said no, not in New Hampshire."

Connolly flirted with runs for U.S. Senate in 2010 and Governor in 2012.  He confirms his plans for 2016 are more serious, but is deferring comment until later this month.

He joins Executive Councilor Colin Van Ostern in the Democratic primary.

On the GOP side, executive  Chris Sununu is running and State Rep Frank Edelbut, among others is considering running.  

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