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Mapping the Money: How Granite Staters Are Giving to the 2016 Candidates


Nearly two thirds of the contributions from New Hampshire residents to presidential candidates since January went to Democrats, with Hillary Clinton collecting more from Granite Staters than all the Republicans combined.

Donors from New Hampshire contributed $198,627 to three Democratic candidates: Clinton, Bernie Sanders and Martin O'Malley. Meanwhile, a dozen Republicans collected $105,746, according to reports filed by the candidates with the Federal Elections Commission last week.

Clinton, who has visited New Hampshire a half-dozen times since officially announcing her candidacy April 12,  led all contenders with $139,606 in contributions through June 30. Her campaign reported a total of more than $47 million in nationwide contributions.

The top Republican fundraiser was Jeb Bush, who received $27,000 from New Hampshire donors. All ten of Bush's donors contributed the maximum $2,700 for the primary election (those donors will be permitted to give Bush another $2,700 if he wins the Republican nomination).


A total of 395 Granite Staters contributed to the 15 candidates who have filed FEC reports so far. While some donors gave individual contributions as small as $10, only 11 percent gave a total of $200 or less, generally considered the threshold for "small donors." More than 50 donors gave the maximum $2,700 to a single candidate for the primary.

The recent filings will represent only a fraction of the money that will be raised and spent on the 2016 presidential race. Every Republican candidate and most of the Democrats have at least one Super PAC backing them. Those groups can receive and spend unlimited amounts but are prohibited from coordinating their activities with the candidate.

For some candidates, Super PACs look to be their main fundraising vehicle through the campaign. Super PACs are due to file their receipts and expenditure reports with the FEC on July 31. So, as of now, individual candidate filings are the only reports that include details on where, exactly, candidates are getting money.

Explore the map below to see how much -- and to which party -- residents across New Hampshire gave to the 2016 candidates. Scroll further down to see a candidate-by-candidate breakdown of Granite State donations.

Map: Donations to 2016 Candidates by Town (January - June 2015)

Candidate by Candidate

Hover over each candidate to see which New Hampshire towns sent the most in donations to him or her. Candidates with no data did not file fundraising reports with the FEC, usually because they declared their candidacy after the deadline for the most recent filing period. Updated reports are due for all candidates by October 15.

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