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News from everywhere *but* Central New Hampshire.

How North Country's Robert Theberge Voted

In Coos District 3, Berlin, three Democrat incumbents - Gary Coulombe, Robert Theberge and Yvonne Thomas - are facing Republican Eric Catman. Three seats are available.

Here is how Theberge voted on some issues:

Voter ID: Voted against requiring voter identification. NHPR story.

Partial-birth abortions. Voted not to override Gov. Lynch’s veto of a bill banning partial-birth abortions. Lynch has said he vetoed it because it was not needed since such procedures are already covered under federal law. NHPR story.

Gay marriage: The vote was whether to kill a bill which would have repealed gay marriage in New Hampshire. Voted to kill the bill. NHPR story.

Reducing legal services for the poor: The bill would change how a program called ‘Interest on Lawyers Trust Accounts’ works and reduce funding. Voted against. NHPR story.

Medical marijuana: Voted in favor. NHPR story.

Abolishing the State Art Fund: Excused from voting . NHPR story.

Tax credits for donations for not-for-profit schools. The bill would override Gov. Lynch’s veto. Voted against the override. NHPR story.

Education funding amendment that would have given voters the chance to change the state constitution and give the Legislature more control over public school funding. Voted against. NHPR story.

Requiring 24-hour wait for an abortion. Excused from voting. NHPR story.

Allowing murder charges for causing the death of a fetus more than eight weeks old. Voted against. NHPR story.

Allowing jurisdictions to ask for a one-year moratorium on refugees settling. Voted against. NHPR story.

Voicing support for Arizona immigration law. Voted against. NHPR story.

Allowing “an individual to choose not to provide accommodations, goods, or services” for a gay or conventional marriage if doing so would violate his or her conscience or religious faith. Voted against.NHPR story.

Barring any organization – such as Planned Parenthood - that performs elective abortions from receiving any state or federal funds even for other services. Voted against. NHPR story.

Gun control. Carrying a concealed gun without a special permit. Voted against. NHPR story.

Gun control. Giving the state the exclusive power to prohibit guns on public property. That means a university or college would no longer have the right to stop students from carrying a gun. Excused from voting. NHPR story.

Right-to-work bill barring unions from requiring non-members to pay for representation. Voted against. NHPR story.

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