Most North Country Legislators Vote To Retain Gay Marriage

Mar 21, 2012


Ten North Country representatives were among those who voted Wednesday to kill a bill that would have repealed gay marriage. 

Only four North Country representatives voted to keep the repeal alive.

Two others were excused from voting.

As NHPR reported the Republican-controlled House decided to keep the state's gay marriage law in place on a 211 – 116 vote.

 Same-sex couples have been able to marry legally since 2009. 

Two North Country reps were among the bill’s sponsors.  They were Edmond Gionet (Republican) of Lincoln and Gregory Sorg (Republican) of Easton.

The House was voting on whether the bill to repeal gay marriage should be “inexpedient to legislate” which is the equivalent of killing it.

The North Country reps voting to kill the bill and thus retain gay marriage were:

* Gary Coulombe (Democrat) of Berlin

* William Hatch (Democrat) of Gorham

* Evalyn Merrick (Democrat) of Lancaster

* Herb Richardson (Republican) of Lancaster

* John Tholl (Republican) of Whitefield

* Robert Theberge (Democrat) of Berlin

* Kathleen Taylor (Democrat) of Franconia

* Yvonne Thomas (Democrat) of Berlin

* William Remick (Republican) of Lancaster

* Stephanie Eaton (Republican) of Littleton

The North Country reps voting against killing the bill were:

* Lyle Bulis (Republican) of Littleton

* Edmond Gionet (Republican) of Lincoln.

* Larry Rappaport (Republican) of Colebrook.

* Marc Tremblay (Republican) of Berlin

The North Country reps excused from voting were:

* Duffy Daugherty (Republican) of Colebrook.

* Gregory Sorg (Republican) of Easton.

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