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Visibles: Psychologist Watilla Burpee says the U.S. is going through a mental health crisis

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Watilla Burpee is a Brazilian psychologist who has lived in New Hampshire since 2002.

After working in her field for 32 years, she thinks the U.S. government should invest more in mental health services in an effort to put an end to national tragedies that threaten communities, including immigrants.

Escucha la historia de Watilla en español, aquí.

“I chose my career because it was always something I was fascinated with … because when you love someone that has a mental illness, you suffer with them,” Burpee said. “Because it is a painful experience to have a mental illness.”

As a mental health counselor, Watilla works with immigrants in Spanish and Portuguese, from her office in Nashua. Listen to her story in the video below.

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