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Volunteer Drivers Offer Rides To Vaccination Clinics In Rural Parts Of N.H.

New Hampshire Department of Transportation

Volunteer drivers are offering rides to vaccination clinics in more rural parts of New Hampshire. 

Ellen Avery is the executive director of the Community Volunteer Transportation Company, which provides rides to grocery stores and medical appointments to residents in 34 Monadnock Region towns. 

She says public transportation in rural parts of the state is extremely limited.

“So to get around you often depend on families and friends, and our programs come in to take that burden away,” she said. 

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The non-profit organization sent letters to all 200 of their riders — some who don’t have internet — that volunteer drivers will take residents to vaccination clinics across the state, not just the one in Keene. 

CVTC can be reached at 603-821-0569, and is offering rides to weekday and weekend vaccination appointments.  

Another group, Volunteers Enabling Transportation, is also offering rides to vaccination clinics. 

The Berlin Daily Sun reported that residents there needing a ride to the vaccination clinic at the former Brown School can call Tri-County Community Action Program. 

The transit service will provide free transportation to the clinic for those in phase 1b. People can call (603) 752-1741 to schedule a ride with Tri-County.

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