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Navy Warship U.S.S. Manchester To Be Commissioned During Event in Portsmouth

Courtesy of U.S. Navy

The second ship to have the name U.S.S. Manchester will officially get that title during a commissioning ceremony on May 26th in Portsmouth.

The U.S. Navy, along with the ship’s official sponsor Senator Jeanne Shaheen, made the announcement on Thursday at an event inside the Manchester Millyard Museum.

“We could not be more excited to have this addition to our longstanding tradition of contributing here in New Hampshire to our national defense,” said Shaheen.

The ship is currently in Mobile, Alabama, where its crew of 70 sailors continue to test systems and perform training drills. Commander Emily Bassett says her crew is excited to show off its new ship in Portsmouth.

Credit Todd Bookman/NHPR
Commander Emily Bassett of the U.S. Navy announcing the commissioning date for the ship she will lead.

“We couldn't be more proud to use your name and to sail in her name, Manchester, the future U.S.S. Manchester,” said Bassett.

The 418-foot warship is one of the Navy’s most advanced vessels, capable of responding to threats in shallow coastal areas. It’s primary operations will consist of mine countermeasures, as well as surface warfare and anti-submarine actions. It’s home port will be San Diego.

Shaheen, as ship sponsor, took part in the traditional keel-laying ceremony in 2015, where her initials were inscribed into the hull of the future U.S.S. Manchester.

The first U.S.S. Manchester was commissioned in 1946, and served three combat tours and earned nine battle stars before being retired in 1956.

The public is invited to attend the commissioning ceremony in May, but is asked to register at www.ussmanchester.org.

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