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Storm Damage: Swollen River Destroys House in Warren, N.H.

Thomas K. Babbit
NHPR file

A video of a house floating down the Baker River in Warren put an exclamation point on the severity of the storm Monday.

Thomas K. Babbit took the video. Wendy Babbit, his wife, said the Baker River is still overflowing in places. She described communities in that area of the state cut off due to swelling rivers and closed or washed-out roads.

"It's just sad," she says. "There's a heck of a lot of damage up here."

UPDATE: N.H. Sees Widespread Damage From Severe Wind, Rain Storm

WEDNESDAY Update: The Governor says 450,000 were without power at the peak of the storm in New Hampshire. That estimate is down to about 53,000 by Wednesday, Nov. 1. The outage estimates: Eversource, 37,348; NH Electric Co-op, 15,701; Liberty Utilities, 348; and Unitil, 41.

Storm Aftermath: Evacuees at Campton Elementary School Tell Their Stories

Watch the full video:

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