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Weekly N.H. News Roundup: October 13, 2017


Gov. Sununu nominates House Speaker Shawn Jasper to be the next Commissioner of Agriculture. Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter announces she won't run for re-election, and speculation begins on who might run for the first congressional district seat. State health official say residents on public water in Merrimack and Bedford have been exposed to toxic chemicals. And the state and EPA differ on the risks posed by a superfund site in North Hampton. 


  • Casey McDermott -  NHPR reporter
  • Jason Moon - NHPR Seacoast reporter
  • Garry Rayno - author of Distant Dome, a Manchester Ink link and indepthnh.org series that explores stories from the NH statehouse. He formerly worked as a reporter for the Union Leader.
  • Dean Spiliotes - civic scholar in the School of Arts and Sciences at SNHU and author of the website NH Political Capital


Links to Show Topics

We discussed the next step in a pair of lawsuits, now consolidated into one case, that challenge the state's new voter registration law, Senate Bill 3.  Check out extensive reporting by NHPR's Casey McDermott on election laws and voting issues

We heard comments by a N.H. gun shop owner, as well as Senator Jeff Woodburn, during our conversation on gun control issues.  A recent Exchange program explores the issue.

Shawn Jasper, N.H. House speaker, is nominated to become commissioner of agriculture, setting off a shuffle for the House leadership position.

NHPR's Seacoast reporter Jason Moon gave context to the most recent analysis of PFC blood tests in Merrimack, as well as controversy at Seabrook Nuclear Power Plant.


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