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Portsmouth Startup Markets $10M 'Attack Helicopter Of The Sea' To DOD

Juliet Marine Systems

An 18-person Portsmouth startup has built a futuristic stealth attack boat they are now shopping around to the Department of Defense. Caroline Winter with Bloomberg reports the Ghost, built by Juliet Marine Systems, will go for about $10 million each.   

Right now, a Ghost prototype resides in a hangar at the Portsmouth Naval Shipyard. There, CEO Gregory Sancoff told Winter the 4,000 horsepower aluminum and stainless steel vehicle is “such a smooth ride, you can sit there and drink your coffee going through six-foot swells.”

Juliet Marine System’s board includes New Hampshire Senator John Sununu Jr., along with a bevy of retired navy admirals. One of them, Rear Admiral Thomas Richards, told Winter “the Navy has nothing like this.”

Nevertheless, Sancoff admits getting the Pentagon to sign on won’t be easy. “I think DOD is very, very nervous about working with small startup companies.”

Read the full story at Bloomberg Businessweek.

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