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Planned Outage at Berlin Biomass Power Plant Winds Down

Chris Jensen for NHPR

A pre-planned outage at Berlin's wood-burning power plant ends Saturday night.

The 75-megawatt Burgess Biomass Plant has been down for routine maintenance since last weekend.

Plant manager David Walker says they've been doing this twice a year since 2016.

"Biomass plants will typically schedule this time of year, because of what they call the spring and the fall mud season, so the loggers aren't allowed to get into the woods, or if the roads are posted and whatnot,” he says.

During the outage, Walker says they've been replacing hardware worn down by wood chips and doing other repairs.

With the help of local contractors, Walker says, the outage represents a million-dollar investment into the Burgess Biomass Plant.

It’s been online since 2014 and is the largest of about a half-dozen wood-fired power plants left in New Hampshire.

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