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7.11.16: Debunking Internet Myths & Jay Craven

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If you're on Facebook, chances are tragic shootings and a hotly contested political climate have turned your social media feed into a forum for emotions, a place for sharing support, airing opinions and spreading lots and lots of misinformation.  On today’s show, how Buzzfeed aims to combat internet  hoaxes and fake news through their own tried and true method - an online quiz.

And this summer's hottest filming location - Nantucket?  We'll speak with New England director Jay Craven about shooting a historical film off the cape on a shoestring budget and college students as crew.

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Buzzfeed's Mission to Debunk Internet Myths

It's hard to check the facts online. Social media feeds are full of hoaxes, fake news, doctored images, and deliberately misleading information. Thankfully, there are journalists and good samaritans working to debunk fake memes and stories - those noble efforts raise the question - can you spread the truth as effectively as the viral lies they expose? 

That's something Craig Silverman is tackling daily. He's founding editor of Buzzfeed's Canada bureau, who's recently taken on a new beat:  fake news.

Buzzfeed's Mission to Debunk Internet Myths

Every Night Ever

They say seeing is believing...but anyone who has witnessed a magic trick, or read an article online promising something shocking, knows you can't always believe what you see, or hear, or read. Here's proof, from Nate DiMeo and The Memory Palace.

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Jay Craven's "Peter and John"

Guy de Maupassant’s 19th century novel Pierre et Jean transformed narrative fiction. Written in his native Normandy, on France’s rugged north coast, the story of two brothers upended the role of author as judge of character. He was instead, observer of life, and the intense psychological complexity of a family torn apart by envy and lies.

In his adaptation of the book, New England director Jay Craven also breaks with custom, making an historical feature film with college students, rather than Hollywood professionals. The result, Peter and John is showing in theaters around New Hamsphire beginning with Red River Theatres in Concord on July 14. You can buy tickets here

Jay Craven's "Peter and John"

Tough to the Corps

It's summer. Classes may be out, but for many high school students, questions about their future loom large.

18-year old Radio Rookie Cece Rodriguez knows that the military is a man's world. Women are a slight mere 6% of her target branch - the Marine Corps - and tend to hold lower ranking positions than in other branches of the military. For Cece, that challenge is part of the appeal.

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