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9.27.15: Authenticity, Art and Craft, & Busting Internet Hoaxes

Patrick Lanigan via Flickr CC

Donald Trump is praised as “authentic” because he speaks without a practiced politician’s filter.  Meanwhile, pundits knock Hillary Clinton for not putting on a good enough show of authenticity – so, what does that actually mean? And politics is not the only arena where the meaning of authenticity is open to interpretation - what about food? Today we take a look at the myth of authenticity – in politics…cooking…and the internet. Plus, forgery in the art industry is not rare - but a con artist who has been caught and never sent to jail is. We’ll speak to the directors of a film that looks inside the mind of the mischievous shut-in and skilled artist who donated masterful forgeries to more than 46 museums. 

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Authenticity in Politics

Seth Masket is a columnist for Pacific Standard magazine, where he has recently written about the role authenticity plays in politics

Authenticity in Politics

You can hear Slate's "Political Gabfest" episode about Hillary Clinton's campaign reboot here.

Authentic Food

Authenticity is a loaded word in political circles, but it may be even more ambiguous in the context of food.  Bill Addison is restaurant editor for Eater and producers Molly Donahue and Taylor Quimby spoke to him about the riddle of authentic cuisine.

Authentic Food

Southern flavors at Disney found: shrimp with a Tabasco-ish hot sauce and crusty, custardy mac and cheese. Well played, 50s Prime Time Cafe #wdw #eatereatsdisney A photo posted by Bill Addison (@bill_addison) on Jun 17, 2015 at 1:11pm PDT

Art and Craft

Forgery in the art industry is not rare -- but a con artist who has been caught, but never sent to jail is.  Meet Mark Landis. For more than 30 years he has been imitating works of art that range from Picasso to Mary Cassatt to Dr. Seuss and donating them to more than 46 museums, in 20 states. The documentary Art and Craftgives us a glimpse of Landis, the mischievous shut-in and  skilled artist who played the role of philanthropist and the curator bent on stopping him.  Jennifer Grausmanand Sam Cullman directed the film, which made its television debut on PBS’s POV seriesSeptember 25

Art and Craft

Ghost(writer) Buster

Ever wonder how that busy celebrity, rock star, or politician found the time to pen that memoir? Chances are they didn’t, they hired a ghostwriter to write it for them. Ghostwriting is an integral part of the publishing industry that is mostly kept out of the spotlight. Producer Eric Molinsky takes us on a ghostbusting mission.

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The Internet Hoax Hunter

Taryn Wright is a futures trader by day, internet hoax-buster by night – she helped to uncover what is now referred the “Warrior Eli” hoax, and joined us talk about the phenomenon sometimes referred to as “Munchausen by Internet”.

The Internet Hoax Hunter

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