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Word of Mouth

2.17.15: Why The American Outdoors Is So White, An Online Resource For Hackers, & Uncommon Core

Mark Stevens via flickr Creative Commons

According to a report from the National Park Service only 7% of annual park visitors are African American. On today’s show, we delve into environmental history and cultural studies to find out why the story of the American outdoors is so white.

Then, environmentalists have taken many tacks to get people to be “greener”: the doomsday approach, education, shame. Now new research suggests another way to increase green behaviors: a salary. Why paying people an hourly wage decreases environmentally-friendly behaviors.

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Black Faces, White Spaces

Black Faces, White Spaces

Uncommon Core: Computer Games & History

  • The Uncommon Core takes a look at the more unusual college courses being taught around the country.  In this episode, we’ll hear from two professors who both stumbled on a way to engage students in history using an unusual medium.
  • You can listen to this segment and read more at this link: The Uncommon Core: Computer Games & History

The Hacker's List

The Hacker's List

Another Dividing Line In "Green" Behavior: Salary vs. Hourly

Another Dividing Line In "Green" Behavior: Salary vs. Hourly

Green Superheroes

  • BackStory producer Andrew Parsons talks with comic book author Denny O’Neill and historian Bradford Wright, about Green Lantern and Green Arrow - two green superheroes who helped lead the way to more socially-conscious comic books in the 1970s.
  • You can listen to this story again at PRX.org.

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