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Word of Mouth

Sleeper Films Of 2014

Sara Robertson via flickr Creative Commons

The Golden Globes are coming up, the event that will spark moviegoers to re-watch their favorite – now award-winning – films of 2014. But what about the other films of 2014, the ones that didn’t make the cut? We spoke to Amy Diaz about her list of “sleeper” films – films that are not nominated, but that you should pay attention to anyway. From The Babadook to The Obvious Child, Amy gave us some great suggestions about what to watch on a snow day.

Guardians of the Galaxy

We forget sometimes...movies should also be fun occasionally! -Amy Diaz

Combining the hilarity of Iron Man with the sarcasm of Star Trek, Guardians follows a group of, well, stellar criminals across the galaxy as they race to halt a power-hungry warrior from destroying the world.



An out-of-work – but acclaimed – chef who decides to open a food truck, finding passion, life and family at the same time … while making the audience incredibly hungry.


Begin Again

Leo Tolstoy once said that “music is the shorthand of emotion,” and Begin Again is a simple reminder of such. It is a love song written about the power of music: the temptation and love that go hand in hand with it, and the role of music in helping us find our way through the world.


The Obvious Child

It was branded with the label “abortion comedy” or “abortion rom-com.” True to the labels, Obvious Child features comedian Donna Stern (played by Jenny Slate) whose life starts to fall apart when she steps offstage at night.


Edge of Tomorrow

Live. Die. Repeat. Groundhog Day meets an invasion by aliens with Tom Cruise on the battlefield – where he does not want to be. Spoiler – he lives. Then he dies. Then he does it all over again.


The Babadook

A single mother (played by Essie Davis) reads a children’s book to her son – and what should be an innocent pastime turns into a horrible nightmare. Maxed out with stress, worried about her young son – it’s certainly a relatable horror.


A Most Wanted Man

This is “The Wire of spy movies,” according to Amy Diaz – a piece about how “the people on the bottom part of the system … often times get crushed or have their plans destroyed by people at the top of the system.” A German counter-terrorism expert (played by Philip Seymour Hoffman) acts as a somewhat rogue agent in the wake of 9/11, investigating a Chechen immigrant … and a threat to national security.


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