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Word of Mouth

11.2.14: Mt. Washington's Hidden Perk, The Power Of Sound, & YouTube Mash-up Artist Kutiman


When it comes to rigid safeguards against the Ebola virus, New York’s governor says “Better safe than sorry”. But what happens when panic inflates the price of public safety? On today’s show, calculating the cost of over-reaction.

We’ll also explore how the power of sound can make or break an experience. When the ad agency for Royal Caribbean chose a lively, catchy tune for a series of commercials for the cruise line, it didn’t exactly match the wholesome, fun loving image they were trying to promote. 

Then, we’ll speak with the Israeli musician known as Kutiman, about crafting an album made entirely of unrelated sound samples from YouTube videos.

Listen to the full show and click Read more for individual segments.

The High Cost of Overreacting

  • Marty Nemko is a career coach, writer, speaker and host for KALW public radio in San Francisco. He wrote an article for Time magazine’s Ideas section called “The Absurd Cost of Overreaction.”
The Cost of Overreacting

Mount Washington's Hidden Perk

  • For those willing to risk the extreme weather, the summit of Mount Washington has a lot to offer. Aside from the hiking and climbing, visitors can catch a bite at the Tip-Top House, tour New Hampshire’s most popular museum, and when the weather  is clear, take in a spectacular view. But there is one perk that Mount Washington isn’t known for.  Producer Taylor Quimby reports.
  • See photos and more at this link: Mount Washington Observatory: Ultimate Zombie Fortress?
Mount Washington Observatory: Ultimate Zombie Fortress?

Sonic Boom

Credit Image courtesy of the author

Sonic Boom

Sound Design From Hell

  • Producer Jonathan Mitchell, talks to Hollywood sound designer Steve Boeddeker about his process developing soundscapes for the 2001 horror film, From Hell, starring Johnny Depp as an opium addicted detective hot on the trail of Jack the Ripper.
  • You can listen to this story at prx.org.


  • Ophir Kutiel aka Kutiman, crafts musical works entirely from unrelated YouTube videos, the same way a DJ might pull samples from all sorts of different records. We talked to him about his process and about the reactions from the artists whose work he features. You can find more videos from Kutiman's current project at this link, Thru You Too. One of the videos is featured below.

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