Alli Fam

News Intern

Alli is NHPR's All Things Considered intern. In 2017, Alli started hosting and producing her own podcast, Unwind the Line, a podcast that discusses contemporary social and political issues and has been featured on Podcasts In Color. She is also the founder of Downstream Podcasting, a podcast production company that trains underrepresented podcasters and offers them hands on podcasting experience producing episodes for local Non-Profits. Alli has given podcasting training workshops across New England at universities and community centers. She is thrilled to expand her skill set and learn more about News and Journalism at NHPR. After this summer internship, she will be the producer for The Food Lens Podcast in Boston, a new show that will be airing in the fall.

Fendall Fulton / NHPR

If you’re a Granite Stater who spends any time on Facebook, and you’ve expressed even the slightest interest in politics, chances are your feed is full of ads for the 2020 presidential candidates. 

Alli Fam / NHPR

Every year in Salisbury, for a short time, people in town experience what things would be like without the cars on Route 4.


The highway NHPR has been exploring all summer runs right through Salisbury, a town of 1,425 located between Andover and Boscawen.

Alli Fam / NHPR


Tiny homes--homes that are smaller than 400 square feet--present both an opportunity and a challenge. For people looking to own something relatively inexpensive, tiny homes may be an affordable choice. But most New Hampshire cities and towns don’t have the housing codes or zoning ordinances in place to accommodate them. NHPR’s Peter Biello and Alli Fam went out to learn more.


Susan Brison / Dartmouth College

Over the last month, Dartmouth College has been hosting a lecture series on the ways in which black women and girls are disproportionately subjected to violence in American society and on how they're often ignored by social justice movements.

The series is called #SayHerName: Intersectionality and Violence Against Black Women and Girls. 


Fifty years ago this month, Apollo 11 landed on the moon. Amid all the celebrations - new discoveries about space are happening all the time. Many of them are now centered on Mars. Marisa C. Palucis, assistant professor of Planetary Geology at Dartmouth College, has been researching ancient lakes and other bodies of water on Mars using data from the Curiosity Rover, which has been exploring the red planet for the last seven years. 

NHPR's All Things Considered Host Peter Biello sat down with Palucis to learn more.

Transcript has been lightly edited for clarity.

Alli Fam / NHPR

Several hundred people gathered in Manchester's Victory Park Saturday for the third annual Trans Equality Rally. 

Peter Biello / NHPR

If you drive along Route 4 in Epsom, you may notice a varnished wooden sign with a pine tree logo beckoning you to Blasty Bough Brewing Company. Turn past that sign and travel a mile or so down the road, and you’ll find a rustic red barn with a porch and greenhouse, surrounded by trees, fields and plants.

The Green Crab R&D Project

The Green Crab has been disrupting New England ecosystems and consuming commercially important species like oysters for years. As oceans have warmed, their populations in New Hampshire waters have exploded. 

Some scientists now believe one way to stop them is to make them something people want to eat. 

Gabriela Bradt is the Fisheries Specialist at the University of New Hampshire and New Hampshire Sea Grant. She’s been studying the crabs as a potential emerging fishery. She sat down with All Things Considered host Peter Biello to talk all things crab.

Heather Marie Brown

New Hampshire decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana - three-quarters or less of an ounce - in 2017. But many people in the state are still carrying criminal records from before the decriminalization of the drug.

A new law creates a pathway for some of those people to clear their records.  Heather Marie Brown of Barnstead is one of the people who might benefit from the new law and she sat down with All Things Considered Host Peter Biello.

Alli Fam / NHPR

  Members of the Dover youth advocacy group Youth to Youth  gathered this morning in Dover’s Henry Law Park, in an attempt to change public perception about teen substance use. 


They chanted “Monsters, aliens, just aren’t real. Most teens don’t drink, that’s the deal!” To accompany their words, students held signs, posters and and inflatable mythical creatures. 


Imagine there's a virus living inside you. This virus is harmless. Most of the time. But then, something causes it to change and it could kill you unless you take one dose of a powerful drug. Now imagine there is a critical shortage of this drug. This is the scary scenario at the heart of the debut novel by Hanover resident and Dartmouth professor Charles Wheelan. It's called The Rationing, but this isn't a book about a disease. It's a political satire about how the United States government handles the unfolding public health crisis. Personalities clash.

Peter Biello / NHPR

Each year in Enfield, people gather for a unique Fourth of July celebration. It involves singing and pies.

The pies are sold as a benefit for the Shaker Museum, which is on Route 4a, just down the road from the Shaker Farm Bed and Breakfast.

Sara Ernst / NHPR

Portsmouth held its fourth Pride celebration on Saturday. One goal of this year’s event was to attract and show support for LGBTQ young people. 

At noon, participants gathered in Portsmouth’s Market Square, in rainbow order, for a march. They were led by the Leftist Marching Band and members of Seacoast Outright, a support and advocacy group for LGBTQ+ youth. 


15-year-old Gale Paguet stood at the head of the crowd, wrapped in a rainbow flag and holding a banner for Seacoast Outright -- said being bold isn’t always easy.