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10.12.14: The Wonderful World Of Books

MorBCN via flickr Creative Commons

Today’s show is all about the wonderful world of books, starting with the U.S. Senate Handbook, a 380 page document of sometimes confounding rules intended to keep Senate offices running smoothly. Then, we’ll speak to an antiquarian bookseller about the beauty and obsession of rare books. And actor and comedian Bob Odenkirk discusses his debut collection of writings, A Load of Hooey.

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The U.S. Senate Secret Rule Book

  • Paul Singer is the politics editor at USA Today, which recently acquired and published all but one section of the Senate handbook online.
The U.S. Senate Secret Rule Book

Good Gig: Rare Book Dealer

  • Ken Gloss is proprietor of the Brattle Book Shop in Boston, one of the largest – and oldest- antiquarian bookshops in the country. He is also been an appraiser of rare books and manuscripts for The Antiques Roadshow since 1998.

  • You can find photographs of the books Ken brought into the studio and listen to the full interview with Virginia at this link.
Good Gig: Rare Book Dealer

The Journey to Literacy

  • When Keith Harris first started high school in Brooklyn, his teachers thought he was stubborn and resistant to class participation. And he was - because he didn't want them to know he could not read and write. Keith recorded this for Radio Rookies when he was 17.
  • You can listen to this story at wnyc.org.

Bob Odenkirk: A Load of Hooey

  • Long before becoming a Hollywood “face”, Bob Odenkirk reached near cult status for his contributions to the world of sketch comedy. First as a writer for Saturday Night Live, then, The Ben Stiller Show, Late Night With Conan O’Brien, and most devotedly, as co-creator of Mr. Show with fellow comedian, David Cross. Virginia talked to him about his new book, A Load of Hooey, from Mc Sweeney's.
Bob Odenkirk

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