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Word of Mouth 11.24.2012

procrastination by Tysh_0.jpg
Flickr Creative Commons

Part 1: The Awesomeness of Procrastination/Fashion Trucks


John Perry is an Emeritus Professor at Stanford University, but that doesn't mean he's not a procrastinator. He talks with host Virginia Prescott on the virtues of procrastination, and the book he wrote on the topic...while, of course, he was supposed to be doing something else.


The fashion world runs on new trends and we discovered one that’s  a little more practical than 5-inch heels – fashion trucks. Like the fleets of food trucks now selling everything from gourmet tacos to artisanal soft serve, fashion trucks capitalize on the ability to move to where their customers are. Producer Britta Conroy-Randall visited a mobile boutique for a peek  at what could be the next big thing in the fast-moving fashion industry.

Part 2: I Had Asperger's... Not

asperger Psykologist Ressource Center.jpg
Credit Psykologist Ressource Center / Flickr Creative Commons
Flickr Creative Commons

The mysterious neurological condition known as Asperger syndrome may soon be history - proposals for the upcoming fifth edition of the diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, or DSM-5, recommend filing Asperger's under the general category of autism spectrum disorder.  For those already diagnosed, the change would alter, or at least complicate, a part of their identity.  Benjamin Nugent’s diagnosis of Asperger's was taken away for a different reason. Namely, he doesn’t have it.  Benjamin is author of  American Nerd and the upcoming novel, Good Kids. He’s also director of creative writing at Southern New Hampshire University.

Part 3: Singing Mice/Ingrid Michaelson Breaks Out of the Soundtrack

mouse by mrintech_0.jpg
Credit mrintech / Flickr Creative Commons
Flickr Creative Commons

Humans are not the only mammals who can carry a tune… research at Duke University reveals that the humble mouse – so plentiful in scinece labs -- has a penchant for singing – not only that, but for singing in tune. Producer Taylor Quimby -- our every eager ready investigator of strange science and clammering beasties reports


Singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson hit it big when, as an unsigned artist, she became THE voice of commercials for Old Navy and the melodrama of Grey's Anatomy. Her new album lets her bust out that mode, with songs that can't at all be described as "cute." Now on an international tour, she'll be back in the states in December for a run of shows, with nary a sweater model in site.

Check out Ingrid's video for "Blood Brothers," off her new album, Human Again.

Part 4: Meet Tom Kane... the Man Behind THAT VOICE

Credit Flickr Creative Commons
Flickr Creative Commons

Here at Word of Mouth, we frequently crack wise about bizarre stories by imitating that ubiquitous announcer voice from movie and video game trailers…the one who always beginning with “In a world where…"

One day we thought, who does that? Let’s find that guy…and we did! Tom Kane is the voice of the Academy Awards… dozens of video game characters, cartoon characters in the Smurfs, on South Park, Powerpuff Girls and hundreds of others…he’s been the voice of J.F.K, Yoda, and of movie trailers from Pixar’s Wall-E to…of all things…. Booty Call:

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