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What Makes a Great Audiobook?

audiobooks by lester public library.jpg
(Photo by Lester Public Library via Flickr Creative Commons)

Summer time is book season, with seemingly every media outlet weighing in with lists of recommended beach reads. Audiobooks don’t get nearly as much play, though they are a staple for many, whether as the soundtrack to a road trips, a daily commute, or even an alternative to listening to the radio at home.

As it turns out, there are audiobook critics, too. And just as with theater, music, and film, there’s an audiobook award season. And wouldn’t you know, we’re smack in the middle of it. Joining us to explain what makes an audiobook great and to give a run down of some of the industry’s top picks is Robin Whitten. She’s founder and Editor of AudioFile magazine, which has reviewed thousands of audiobook titles since its was launched in 1992 as a resource for librarians. 


Who won The Audies?