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The Future of Recycling with Outside/In

Kristian Bjornard; Flickr

Many towns across New Hampshire have adopted single-stream recycling... toss everything together, and it will be sorted out down the line. But a recent episode of NHPR's Outside/In found that this method of collection is becoming less sustainable and less profitable. We look at how this is impacting the Granite State.

Listen to the full episode of Outside/In: "One Bin To Rule Them All."


  • Mike Durfor - Executive Director of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association, a nonprofit that provides information and assistance for waste management and recycling.
  • Hannah McCarthy - Producer for Outside/In, NHPR's show about the natural world and how we use it. 
  • Michael Nork -  Analyst for the Solid Waste Management Bureau of the NH Dept. of Env. Services.


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