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The Economics of New Hampshire's Craft Beer Industry

Danielle Griscti; Flickr

A Week of Summer Favorites continues with a look at the craft beer boom. Microbrews, nanobrews, tasting rooms, and seasonal pours...independent craft beer is on the rise in New Hampshire, but what is its economic impact? For beer fans and non-drinkers alike, the increase in small breweries is affecting New Hampshire tourism and small-town business growth. 

This show originally aired on August 8, 2017. 


Credit Brewers Association
Breakdown of independent craft breweries in New Hampshire from the Brewer's Association. (click to enlarge)

Find a comprehensive map of breweries in New Hampshire at the Brew NH website

Check out Taylor Quimby's piece for our Only in New Hampshire series on craft beer in the Granite State

Find out more about the brewing science minor at UNH and the upcoming conference for professionals looking to break into the industry. 

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