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"Soldier Girls: The Battles Of Three Women At Home And At War"


In her new book, author Helen Thorpe tells the tales of three female National Guard members, who served in Afghanistan and Iraq.  Thorpe traces their stories: from their expectations joining the Guard before 9/11, to their experiences going off to war, and then troubles on the home front.


  • Helen Thorpe - journalist and author from Denver, CO. Her most recent book is "Soldier Girls: The Battles of Three Women at Home and at War."


  • NPR interview with Helen Thorpe about the book: "Each of them struggled, even after their first deployment, coming back from Afghanistan, which in hindsight they view as the easier of the two deployments."
  • Washington Post review: '“Soldier Girls” raises important questions about how men and women serve together and the differences in how they experience war, enabling us to see the subtle challenges female soldiers face — the hardships that don’t make easy headlines.'
  • Christian Science Monitor interview: "Many of the soldiers in their National Guard unit found the experience of enduring multiple yearlong deployments – while simultaneously trying to maintain their civilian lives back home – to be extremely stressful. It seems understandable to me that some chose to rely upon alcohol, prescription."

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