Three N.H. School Districts Awarded $10 Million Mental Health Services Grant

Oct 23, 2014

Franklin High School
Credit Via Wikimedia Commons

Three school districts in New Hampshire are sharing a federal grant worth nearly $10 million to improve access to mental health services in schools.

The grant to the Berlin public schools, the Franklin school district and the district covering Colebrook, Stewartstown and Pittsburg will serve about 4,000 people for five years. About 700 adults will be trained each year with the goal of making schools safer and reducing bullying, suspensions, substance abuse and behavioral problems.

Teacher, coaches and others will be trained in how to respond to mental health issues. Another goal of the program is to reduce the need for intensive mental health treatment, out-of-home placement, hospitalization or incarceration of children.

The entire school community, including families and kids, will be involved in the decision making process.