State Budget Impasse Ends As N.H. Legislature Vote For Compromise

Sep 25, 2019

Credit Allegra Boverman for NHPR

New Hampshire finally has a budget for the next two years.

Republican Governor Chris Sununu vetoed the $13.1 billion passed by the Democratically-controlled legislature in June, and the state's temporary spending plan was set to expire next week. 

On Wednesday, the House and Senate overwhelmingly approved a compromise announced Tuesday night.

Senate Finance Chairman Lou D'Allesandro told colleagues to see the compromise budget as progress.

"Nothing in this life is perfect,' he said. "We strive for perfection and we obviously never get there. But we strive every day to make it better. I hope you'll support it, bring good things back to your communities. 

The compromise trims the total to $12.96 billion and preserves scheduled business tax cuts, if revenues meet projections.