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Scanning N.H. Skies: Diminishing Bird Numbers

Oct 8, 2019

Birds are a good indicator of environmental health, and a recent study shows a drastic decline in the North American bird population - with three billion birds gone since 1970. The numbers were drawn with help from the birdwatching community. We see how this decline is playing out in New Hampshire, and look for inspiration from some successes in the Granite State. 

Air Date: Wednesday, Oct. 9, 2019


  • Pam Hunt -  Senior Biologist - Avian Conservation for N.H. Audubon.
  • David Patrick - Director of Conservation for The Nature Conservancy, New Hampshire.

To understand the major findings in the report and more, check out 3 billion birds. org.

The NH Fish & Game Wildlife Action Plan includes bird profiles in the state.  They have a number of bird projects that have helped terns and piping plovers, among others.


Another resource for wildlife conservation from the National Wildlife Federation is a bipartisan bill in Congress called the Recovering America's Wildlife Act.  


Read recommendations  from N.H. Audubon about what you can do to help birds: