'Ice-Out' Declared on Lake Winnipesaukee

Apr 27, 2018

Emerson Aviation, which officially calls "ice out" on the Big Lake, declared Thursday the big day on Winnipesaukee.
Credit Emerson Aviation

"Ice-out" was officially declared on Lake Winnipesaukee on Thursday, in another traditional sign of springtime.

The yearly marker occurs when the M/S Mount Washington tourist boat can safely travel between its ports on the state's largest lake without encountering ice.

Emerson Aviation made the call at 5:40 p.m. Thursday during a flight.

Last year's "ice-out" came on April 17. It was March 18 in 2016, the earliest recorded "ice-out" for the lake, and the first one declared in the winter season.

Ice-out generally occurs the third week of April.

The latest ice-out was in 1888, on May 12. Watch Emerson Aviation's video below: