7.17.14: Nipsters, Yoyos On The Rise, And Raising Readers In A Digital World | New Hampshire Public Radio

7.17.14: Nipsters, Yoyos On The Rise, And Raising Readers In A Digital World

Jul 17, 2014

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With their shaven heads, combat boots and bomber jackets, neo-Nazis used to be pretty easy to pick out of a crowd. Today, not so much. We explore why Europe’s young hyper-nationalists are opting for a more hipster look. Plus, common sense tells us that reading to children is good for them, but it’s more powerful than you might imagine. We’ll look into the practice of interactive reading and share tricks for bringing up book worms in the age of screens and digital devices. And, not all princesses are polite and demure. We remember some princesses for their bad behavior.

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Heil Hipster

Thomas Rogers stepped inside of the anti-gay, anti-immigrant, radically racist world of the Nipsters - Nazi-hipsters - for Rolling Stone magazine. He wrote about it in an article called “Heil Hipster: the Young Neo-Nazis Trying to Put a Stylish Face On Hate.”

Yoyos: Coming Back Around

The 40th annual Market Days festival kicks off in downtown in Concord this weekend. Vendors and local businesses will hit the sidewalks to peddle their wares and meet their customers from July 17th to the 19th. Among them, a curious shop that opened its doors just about a year ago. Word of Mouth intern Molly Donahue stopped by the store and brought us the story.

Born Reading

Jason Boog is director of story investigation at True Pictures. When he became a dad, he wanted his daughter to grow up loving books. So, he talked to doctors and authorities on child development, education and literature to get the latest advice on encouraging today’s kids to read.  The result is Born Reading: Bringing Up Bookworms in a Digital Age.

Princesses Behaving Badly

Many recent princesses, on screen and in real life, are popular, pretty, and even a little bit sassy. But we take a look at some historical princesses who are remembered for different reasons. Mental Floss columnist Linda Rodriguez McRobbie scoured through history for stories of women who fought, stole, schemed and survived, and pulls them together in her new book, Princesses Bahving Badly: Real Stories From History – Without The Fairy-Tale Endings.