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We Want To Hear From You: How Can NHPR Help Make You A More Informed Voter?

Credit Sara Plourde

Leading up to the 2020 New Hampshire presidential primary, NHPR tried something different: We invited you to tell us how we should cover the election. 

We heard hundreds of responses from people all across the state, and we used that feedback to help make better, more informed decisions about what stories to prioritize leading up to the primary and what questions voters had about the primary process.

We also invited people to tell us what questions they would ask candidates, if given the chance — and we incorporated many of those questions directly into our candidate interviews leading up to the primary.

Now, we want to invite you to weigh in again. It's a big election year in New Hampshire: with a gubernatorial contest, a race for U.S. Senate and two Congressional seats, plenty of downballot races and, of course, the presidental election. Plus, the voting process itself will look different than ever before — due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

We want to know: What's on your mind leading up to the September primary and November general? What could NHPR do to help you feel like a more informed voter? 

Help with NHPR’s coverage of Election 2020. Write to us and tell us what your experience voting was like, whether absentee or at the polls. Send us a note at elections@nhpr.org.

We want to know your thoughts on how to make our election coverage stronger, and more relevant to you. By taking our short survey, you'll be helping us make sure we're not recycling the same kind of political reporting you'd find anywhere else, or the same kind we've done in the past.

Click here to take the survey, or scroll down to complete it using the digital form below. Also sign up for our Primarily Politics newsletter. And If you have any election related questions, send us an email at elections@nhpr.org.

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