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N.H. Senate Democrats Challenge Sununu To Back Their Agenda

Allegra Boverman for NHPR

As Governor Chris Sununu gets ready to deliver his second inaugural address, the Democrats who lead the New Hampshire Senate are challenging him to adopt some of their priorities.

The Democrats talked up what they call the "Granite State Opportunity Plan" as they campaigned and say now's the time to start enacting policies like paid family leave, hiring more staff at the state’s child protection agency, lifting the state minimum wage, and putting the brakes on further business tax cuts.

Donna Soucy is the new Democratic Senate President.

"We invite the Governor, our Republican colleagues, and our house colleagues to join us in this ambitious agenda that we've proposed because we think it's what's right for the citizens of New Hampshire."

Improving child protective services has been a focus of Sununu, who’s also said he's open to supporting the right paid family leave plan.

But Sununu is expected to champion further business tax reductions in his inaugural speech. He's also been adamant in his opposition to increasing New Hampshire's minimum wage.

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