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Restoring Gun Ban In N.H House Chamber Passes Committee Vote

NHPR Staff

The Democrats who lead the New Hampshire House are moving closer to outlawing firearms from Representatives Hall.

The policy on allowing guns to be carried onto the House floor and into the gallery has toggled back and forth over the past decade depending on which party holds the majority. And the committee vote to restore the ban was party line.

Prior to the vote, Walpole Democrat Lucy Weber told colleagues guns have made schools leery of making class trips to the State House.

"This, I think, is very advisable because of the presence of the 4th graders up there. There has been a chilling effect on schools willingness to send their kids here."

Republicans on the committee disputed Weber's claim, and said allowing weapons in House chamber improves safety.

The new rule will only take effect when it’s approved by the full House, which is expected next month.

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