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Democratic State Lawmaker Defends Tweets At Heated Hearing

josh rogers/nhpr

Dover State Rep. Sherry Frost told a committee reviewing controversial comments she made on social media her that "emotions sometimes get the better of me." But the Democrat also argued her occasionally profane statements on social media are driven by a commitment to people who are marginalized.

Republicans have criticized Frost for Tweets in which she called white Christian men a terrorist problem and observed that having men tell her to calm down makes her "homicidal."

Frost called the latter tweet hyperbole, and defended her comments about terrorism as factual.

"My speech is not always pretty or polite but I have the right to express myself in ways that I feel best relay what I witness and experience.”

Democrats question the fresh scrutiny of Frost. It comes as the House is looking into a Laconia GOP rep, Robert Fisher, accused of founding a misogynist Reddit forum. But Republicans told the committee that Frost's language goes too far. Glen Dickey of New Boston sits in front of Frost in Representatives Hall. He  said he sought a seat change because Frost’s comments made him feel unsafe.

“This might sound a little weird coming from a Republican but Representative Frost needs to check her privilege”.

Frost was accompanied to the hearing by her lawyer, former New Hampshire house counsel Paul Twomey, who said the hearing didn’t protect Frost’s right to due process. On his advice, Frost refused to be sworn in or answer questions.  

The legislative committee has until next week to weigh Frost’s case and make a recommendation to the full legislature for a vote on June 1st

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