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11 for '11: Bruce Levine and Political Participation


This month’s installment of our 11 for '11 series of big picture conversations on the issues of our times. Today, we talk with psychologist, author and blogger Bruce Levine, a radical progressive calling for the resurgence of an active and energized democracy. Polls show that politicians are out of step with the will of the citizens on issues like the wall street bailout, health care reform and the current deadlock over raising the debt ceiling. A Washington Post - ABC News poll says 72% of Americans want to raise taxes on the wealthiest Americans, yet several Republican lawmakers have pledged to avoid any compromise that would raise taxes. If it were up to Levine, that 72% would be marching in the streets. But his read is that American voters feel broken and impotent, and have been on a long slide from active to passive citizenry in a slump of poor self-worth. His most recent book, "Get Up, Stand Up!" is a call to action.



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