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Daring Or Bold? N.H.'s New State Spider Tends To Hide From Humans

A daring jumping spider sits in the middle of what appears to be grass.
Laurie Sheppard
U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service Southwest Region (CC PDM 1.0)

The daring jumping spider is New Hampshire's new state arachnid.

Last Friday, Gov. Chris Sununu signed the bill making the designation official, alongside elementary schoolers in Hollis who pushed for the change.

The spider is the latest species honored through the legislative efforts of young New Hampshire students. They've previously helped earn the title for a state poultry species, raptor, fruit and vegetable.

The daring jumping spider is also known as the bold jumper. It's hairy and less than an inch long, with black and white stripes and iridescent jaws. The spiders can jump four times as far as their body length.

They typically hide from humans rather than biting. If they do bite, it causes a mild reaction that lasts one or two days.


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