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Kingston Man Who Allegedly Set Off Explosives For Gender Reveal Facing Charge

Map showing Kingston, N.H.
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The gender reveal incident was in Kingston, N.H.

On April 20, Kingston police responded to calls of a loud explosion at a quarry owned by Torromeo Industries that reportedly shook houses more than 20 miles away.

The department announced Monday that Anthony Spinelli, who turned himself in and cooperated during the investigation, will face a single disorderly conduct charge.

Tannerite is sold without a permit, according to the Kingston PD. 

“During the investigation, the detective was informed that the location, a quarry, was chosen as they felt it was a safe location to detonate the Tannerite,” said the department in a statement.

The Union Leader reported that blue powder was found at the scene of the explosion--suggesting the impending birth of a boy--but the department didn’t immediately confirm. 

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