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Kingston Adult Tests Positive for Jamestown Canyon and Powassan Viruses

U.S. Department of Agriculture


New Hampshire's Department of Health and Human Services says an adult from Kingston has tested positive for mosquito- and tick-borne viruses.

The department said Thursday the adult tested positive for the Jamestown Canyon virus, transmitted by infected mosquitoes, and Powassan virus, transmitted by infected ticks. It's the first time they've been identified in the state this year.

Reports of Jamestown Canyon virus in humans are rare, but have increased over the last several years. This is New Hampshire's seventh case since the state's first report of the disease in 2013.

This is New Hampshire's fourth case of Powassan virus, also since 2013. The blacklegged tick is most likely to transmit the virus.

Both viruses can infect the central nervous system.


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