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U.S. Attorney for N.H. Condemns Violence in D.C., Vows to Prosecute Locals Who Committed Crimes


The United States Attorney for New Hampshire says he will investigate and, if warranted, prosecute any New Hampshire residents who committed crimes during the insurrection on the U.S. Capitol following a rally for President Trump earlier this week.

“While the Constitution safeguards the right to demonstrate peacefully, it does not protect or justify mob violence, attacks on government institutions or efforts to damage federal property,” U.S. Attorney Scott Murray said in a statement distributed by his office Friday afternoon. “Neither does any Constitutional provision justify assaults or threats made against our elected representatives, federal administrative officials or police officers. Those who engage in these behaviors commit serious crimes and will be held fully accountable before our courts.”

Murray said his office will work with other federal, state and local officials to hold accountable anyone from New Hampshire who participated in criminal activity surrounding the events in Washington. “If we determine that federal charges can be brought in this District, we will proceed with our law enforcement partners to ensure that prosecutions are initiated,” Murray said.

Acting New Hampshire Attorney General Jane Young said her office would cooperate with other agencies’ efforts in this area if asked. Former Attorney General Gordon MacDonald placed Young in charge of the agency Friday, after he was nominated (for a second time) to serve as Chief Justice of the New Hampshire Supreme Court.

“Our federal partners have not reached out to this office, to the best of my knowledge,” Young said. “And to the extent that they do, as in any case, we will cooperate with them fully and offer them any guidance and whatever assistance they seek.” 

U.S. Capitol Police said they have already charged one New Hampshire resident, Thomas Gallgher of Bridgewater, with unlawful entry on Jan. 6. NHPR has reached out to that agency seeking more details on Gallgher and the circumstances surrounding his arrest, and they have not yet responded. 

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