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Jobs Report Shows Growth in N.H., Uptick in Unemployment Rate

Kandy Jaxx
Official jobs and unemployment numbers aren’t the only way to trace the recession and the recovery

The state’s unemployment rate ticked up to 2.7 percent in May, a tenth of a percent higher than the April figure.

New data released on Tuesday by the New Hampshire Employment Security office show more than 2,000 jobs were added to payrolls last month. That was offset by slightly larger growth in the New Hampshire labor force.

The strong jobs report included a surge in retail jobs, as well as the leisure and hospitality sectors. Construction also saw a boost, while there was a slight dip in the professional and scientific services sector.

New Hampshire’s unemployment rate has remained below 3 percent since December of 2015, and remains one of the lowest rates in the nation.

The U.S. unemployment rate for May was 3.8 percent.

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