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Coos County Gives Cog Railway More Time to Respond to Trail Concerns

Cog Railway

The Coos County planning board is giving the Cog Railway more time to respond to complaints about a new trail along its tracks on Mount Washington.

The board met Wednesday night to discuss what the conservationists says is an un-permitted road near the summit.

Chris Magness is president of Keep the Whites Wild, and says the board wants to know how the railway will use the road.

“Because it's the middle of winter and planning board members haven't been up on the mountain, they haven't seen what's happened,” he says. “So they're hearing two conflicting sides, and they would like clarity."

He says the Cog has promised more information by the board's April meeting.

Magness is worried the road will be used in another potential construction project. The Cog's owner has talked about building a hotel near the Mount Washington summit, using existing zoning rules.

Keep the Whites Wild opposes the plan. Magness says they'll be watching how the planning board handles the road issue, to see how they might respond to any proposed hotel development in the future.

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