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Newport Looks to Move Toward Solar

Flicker CC

The Town of Newport is looking to join a growing list of New Hampshire communities turning to solar energy to power local municipal buildings.

Voters will decide at their town meeting in March whether to approve a deal with Norwich Solar Technologies. Under the agreement, the company would cover all research, development, construction and maintenance costs in exchange for the ability to benefit from federal tax credits, said Newport Town Manager Hunter Rieseberg.

The array is expected to power all municipal and school buildings in town, he said, and Newport will be able to purchase the energy at a reduced rate.

“Regardless of what you think about climate change or anything like that,” Rieseberg said, “solar power is the only, arguably, infinite source of power that’s not likely to be interrupted.” Plus, he added, Newport’s town motto is “the sunshine town,” making the move only appropriate.

He's hoping construction on the array can begin next spring.

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