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Newport-Based Health Providers Air Concerns With Health Reform

Britta Greene / NHPR

Staff at the Newport Health Center shared their concerns about the Senate healthcare bill with New Hampshire Senator Maggie Hassan Wednesday. 

The center provides people in the Newport area with basic healthcare, including primary and pre-natal care, x-rays and lab services. After a quick tour, Sen. Hassan sat down with administrators and staffers to discuss the current healthcare debate. No one voiced support for the Republican plan, but many criticized the current system. 

Physician Assistant Tamsen Howes said finding affordable medication for her patients has become a major burden. “We’re spending all of our time chasing the insurance system around, trying to figure out what’s going on. And it turns out that they tend to dictate to us what we will prescribe," she said. "Not helpful… not helpful at all.”

And she says she’s afraid the changes proposed under the new health care bill will make the system worse.