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Four-Alarm Fire Above Portsmouth’s Iconic Gas Light Bar

Credit Emily Corwin / NHPR
Mike Rivet, left and Russell Osgood, right, have been with the Portsmouth Fire Department for about 10 and 18 years, respectively.

  Firefighters from at least eight seacoast towns spent two hours fighting what Operations Chief James Heinz calls “heavy fire” in downtown Portsmouth.  The flames went from the second floor to the attic of both the Gaslight and Altrezzi, a kitchen accessories store next door.  

By 1pm, water was raining down from the ceiling to the first floor of the Gaslight.

“There’s only a few four-alarm fires in Portsmouth a year,” he says.  Heinz also called the conditions “ideal,” saying there were few occupants, and no wind.

The Portsmouth Fire Department is still investigating the cause of the blaze. 


Operations Chief James Heinz says what's next? Getting these business' taxable income coming in as soon as possible.

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