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N.H.'s Congressional Delegation Calls for Investigation of Milford Man's Death in Saudi Arabia


 New Hampshire congressional delegation members are urging the federal government to investigate the death of an American in Saudi Arabia.

The Telegraph of Nashua reports that the body of 50-year-old Christopher Cramer, of Milford, New Hampshire, was found in January beneath the third-floor balcony of his hotel.

Cramer was working for Merrimack-based Kollsman Inc. to help the Saudis with thermal optical devices, which are part of the country's missile systems.

Before he died, Cramer texted his roommate in Milford saying he thought something bad was going to happen and asking him to contact the State Department.

Saudi Arabian officials first reported the death as a suicide. But a U.S. medical examiner ruled it a homicide.

The State Department says it can't investigate the overseas death without permission from Saudi Arabia.

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