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N.H. Gas Tax Increase Becomes Law

On a newly built bridge near interstate 93, Governor Maggie Hassan signed into law the first increase in the state’s gas tax in more than two decades.

It was a windy morning with construction work nearby as Governor Hassan lauded the bipartisan efforts of lawmakers.

“This bipartisan bill that I’ll be signing in a couple of minutes is the most significant state-level investment in our infrastructure in twenty-three years.”

Beginning July 1st, the state’s gas tax will rise four cents from its current 18 cents.

The Department of Transportation will borrow $200 million in bonds to allow for the widening of i93 north of exit three. After the first two years, half the revenue from the gas tax will go towards paying the debt.

As Hassan signed the bill, a group of about 10 protesters organized by Americans for Prosperity stood by with signs objecting to the increase.

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