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ICU nurse getting vaccine shot
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NHPR is continuing to cover the developing story around coronavirus in New Hampshire. Bookmark this page for the latest updates, including case numbers and other important news of the day.

Biden Inauguration: Watch, Listen Live

7 hours ago
Inauguration Coverage image
Caroline Amenabar/NPR; GPA Photo Archive/Flickr

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris were sworn in Wednesday. The inaugural events for the 46th president of the United States come amid tight security in Washington after the riot at the U.S. Capitol and, given the coronavirus pandemic, necessitated a very different kind of ceremony.

Police Transparency In The Spotlight During N.H. Senate Hearing

16 hours ago

Three months after the New Hampshire Supreme Court delivered a transformative ruling over government personnel practices, including police disciplinary records, state lawmakers are considering creating new laws around them.

Courtesy of Sarah Wong

In the two weeks since a mob stormed the U.S. Capitol, many people in New Hampshire have been trying to make sense of the news. That includes kids, who are still learning the basics of government and politics. And it also includes many families and teachers, who say with the right approach, the events of this month can become teaching opportunities.

A new criminal justice advisory team at the Cheshire County Sheriff’s office will focus on building community relationships and confidence in that department. 

The team was put together by Cheshire County Sheriff Eli Rivera, as a way to respond to national and local calls for more transparency and accountability from law enforcement.  

A spray painted wooded sign for COVID testing.
Dan Barrick/NHPR

We talk about the new, more contagious variant of COVID-19, and what that means for both personal and public health, and we learn more about how the vaccine protects you and others, and have to behave safely before and after vaccination. 

Air date: Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021. 

photo of health care workers in scrubs
The National Guard

The number of people hospitalized with COVID-19 in the state is trending downward, giving hospital staff some relief after seeing record patient numbers during the winter holidays.

Office of Gov. Chris Sununu

State health officials say they are confident that a website created to process COVID-19 vaccine appointment requests will be able to handle the anticipated volume.

Photo: West Midlands Police/cc/flickr

The New Hampshire Senate Judiciary committee will take up two bills Tuesday that take differing stances on how far the public’s right to know extends into the conduct of law enforcement. 

photo of plane being unloaded
Pease Development Authority

Porstmouth International Airport at Pease was briefly evacuated Monday morning following a bomb threat.

The threat, which was sent through a fax machine, was received shortly before 10 a.m., according to Chase Congreves, the airport’s manager of administration.

The note said an explosive was located within the airport, but didn’t give a specific location. According to Congreves, it demanded a ransom be sent to a Yahoo email account.

Local and state police swept the airport with the assistance of K-9 dogs, and determined the threat didn’t appear credible.

Today's Civics 101 question: What's moving day like at the White House?

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New Hampshire identified its first case of COVID-19 on March 2. NHPR has been tracking the pandemic's impact on the state ever since.

Michael Webber via Flickr CC

Hunters killed a record number of 1,183 bears in 2020, marking a new state record. That's a 12% increase from New Hampshire’s previous record. 

Andrew Timmins, Fish and Game’s bear project leader, says a number of factors, including the pandemic and a drought, played a role. 

Scattered Outages From Wintry Mix In N.H.

Jan 16, 2021
NWS / Gray, Maine

Scattered power outages across New Hampshire are being reported mid-day Saturday as a wintry mix, with notable wind gusts in some areas, lingers in parts of the state.

The National Weather Service issued a winter storm warning for northern New Hampshire, a storm warning for western New Hampshire up the Connecticut River valley, and a coastal flood warning for the Seacoast.

Depending on who you ask, astrology is a science, an art form, a spirituality, a form of therapy … or, a pseudo-science, a scam, fortune-telling. 

But astrology’s recent popularity is only the latest iteration in several millennia of humans looking to the stars for meaning. What does contemporary Western astrology say about this cosmic moment?

This episode was originally published in January 2020.

Dan Tuohy for NHPR

The New Hampshire Department of Education is partnering with a new online program to offer free tutoring to high school students.


After a fraught election season, Joe Biden is poised to be sworn in as the next president of the United States alongside Kamala Harris as vice president. As the country prepares for a new presidential administration to take over, we want to hear from you.

What are your biggest concerns as President-elect Joe Biden takes office, and what are your hopes?

Dan Tuohy / NHPR

As NHPR tracks the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in New Hampshire, we’ve been asking you to tell us how your life is changing because of coronavirus - and we’ve welcomed your questions.

Here, we answer some of your questions, and share other important information about the coronavirus and how to stay safe.

Karen Collman and Jamie Cunningham, during a pre-pandemic visit with their sister, Erica, who lives at Lafayette Center in Franconia.
Courtesy of Jamie Cunningham and Karen Collman

This time last month, Karen Collman was feeling cautiously optimistic. She knew that the first COVID-19 vaccines were coming to New Hampshire and, like many, saw the moment as a turning point — a sign that help was coming soon, at least to those most at risk.

Dan Tuohy / NHPR

Gov. Chris Sununu is starting his third term as governor of New Hampshire. Morning Edition host Rick Ganley spoke with Sununu Friday about the challenges facing the state, events this past week in Washington, and what he hopes to accomplish in the next two years.

Annie Ropeik / NHPR file

A judge heard impassioned testimony Thursday from 20 climate change activists who were arrested for trespassing at New Hampshire’s coal-fired power plant in Bow in 2019.

Vaccine plan
Office of Gov. Chris Sununu

State health officials announced Thursday that New Hampshire residents ages 65 and over will be able to get a COVID-19 vaccine during the state's next phase, 1b, aligning with federal recommendations.

Mount Sunapee ski resort
Dan Tuohy / NHPR

New Hampshire ski patrollers are now eligible to receive COVID-19 vaccinations alongside front line health care workers.

The state’s original vaccine plan didn’t prioritize the 500-plus paid and volunteer patrollers who work at New Hampshire ski areas. The most conspicuous notice of the change in policy appears on the website of the New Hampshire Region Ski Patrol, which announced the change last week.

Sara Plourde/NHPR

Today we're answering a question about violence in the U.S. Capitol building: Has the U.S. Capitol been ambushed before?

Listen to this short episode, or read on for the answer.

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Rioters at U.S. Capitol

Thomas Gallagher, of Bridgewater, is the first person from New Hampshire who has been arrested and charged for participating in last week’s riot. 

Gallagher is accused of knowingly entering or remaining in any restricted building or grounds without lawful authority, or knowingly, with intent to impede government business or official functions, engaging in disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds. The second offense is violent entry and disorderly conduct on Capitol grounds.

Ask Civics 101 graphic
Sara Plourde for NHPR

Today we're answering a question about control of the U.S. Senate. Who becomes the Senate Majority Leader when no party has the majority?

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With the Democrats picking up two seats after the runoff election in Georgia, the Senate will  have 50 Republicans and 50 Democrats after Inauguration Day. 

Governor Sununu photo
Dan Tuohy / NHPR

Gov. Chris Sununu will discuss New Hampshire's coronavirus response at a news conference today in Concord.

Listen live on NHPR, streaming online at and on NHPR's mobile appsSubscribe to NHPR's coronavirus update newsletter for more news.

Or watch live via this video embed - the news conference is scheduled to begin at 3 p.m., Jan 14:

ULI Terwilliger Center for Housing / Flickr/CC

A new state housing appeals board started accepting cases on Wednesday. This is a new option to appeal final decisions on housing and housing developments.

The three-member board was established last July, and, much like Superior Courts, can affirm, reverse or modify appeals to the final decisions of local boards, committees or commissions.

Dan Tuohy, NHPR

N.H. House Speaker Sherman Packard from Londonderry says State House security is taking precautions after reports of planned protests in connection with President-elect Joe Biden's inauguration. Republicans in the state legislature elected Packard last week after he served as acting speaker following the COVID-19 death of his predecessor, Dick Hinch. 

Allegra Boverman for NHPR / NHPR

The U.S. House voted to impeach Donald Trump for a second time on Wednesday, this time for incitement of an insurrection. This follows last week's events when pro-Trump extremists stormed the U.S. Capitol, an incident that left five people dead.

Morning Edition Host Rick Ganley spoke with New Hampshire Democratic Representative Annie Kuster, who voted for impeachment.