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N.H. House session opening music.
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State House Republicans united Thursday to pass a $13.5 billion two-year spending plan and the policy-laden companion bill that implements the budget.


Lawmakers voted today on the state’s budget, which is now heading to Gov. Chris Sununu’s desk. But the adult dental benefit insured through Medicaid didn’t make it into the bill. 

For adults on Medicaid, most plans currently cover emergency services only. Care like cleanings, dentures, or restorative care is excluded.  

WPS Geography

A new bill backed by Sen. Jeanne Shaheen (D) would share the revenue from offshore wind development with coastal states like New Hampshire. 

The bill proposes new uses for revenue generated by the sale of leases that allow developers to build wind farms in federal waters.

trucks in a prking lot with nice clouds
Samantha Coetzee, NHPR

There’s a reason your morning commute may be taking longer these days: Traffic in New Hampshire is bouncing back from the steep declines caused by the pandemic.


Our listener question this week is timely: Why is the holiday called Juneteenth, and what is the significance?

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European Wind Energy Agency / Flickr

Today, NHPR launches a new series from our podcast Outside/In. It's called Windfall, and it investigates the birth of a new American industry: offshore wind.

Over the next five weeks, we’ll look at what this massive new technology means for climate change, money and power in the U.S. And we’ll ask: Why did it take so long to get here?

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Sherry Pratt of Belmont plans to open her own childcare center after a pandemic spent taking care of her infant granddaughter and teenage daughter. And she’s not the only one rethinking childcare. 

Sign thanks health care workers
Emily Quirk / NHPR

NHPR is continuing to cover the developing story around coronavirus in New Hampshire. Bookmark this page for the latest updates, including case numbers and other important news of the day.

Sherry Pratt

Since she was 19, Sherry Pratt easily hopped from one job to the next. She’s worked in marketing and printing, and her flexibility is a point of pride.

Now 47, her career, she says, “was a part of who I was.” She recalls how people looked to her “as that professional if they had a question on layout, design, printing or marketing.”

The New Hampshire State House

The fate of the $13.5 billion state budget compromise will depend on the House of Representatives, where Republicans hold a slim majority. While GOP leaders see the budget as advancing conservative priorities on taxes, educational choice and abortion, for some other conservatives in the House, the spending proposal remains a non-starter.

Farmers Mkt Produce

Despite a pandemic, half of New Hampshire residents are buying food from local farms a few times a month, according to a new study released by researchers at the University of New Hampshire.

Gabriela Lozada / NHPR

Nearly 10 percent of restaurants across the country have permanently closed in the past year. Owners and staff faced many challenges: initial shut-downs last spring, limited capacity for indoor-seating, and figuring out how to survive through take-out and delivery. 

N.H. Among States Grappling With Closing Youth Detention Centers

Jun 23, 2021
N.H. State House dome.
Dan Tuohy / NHPR

As states from California to Maine consider drastic changes to youth detention centers, New Hampshire is grappling with its own facility that has been rocked by abuse allegations from years past.

Summits in Solidarity

A North Country-based group found a new way to get people outside and support their work. Summits in Solidarity put together a hiking initiative to raise money for two social justice organizations. Leaders from the two groups, the Cowasuck band of the Pennacook Abenaki people and NH PANTHER, talked with NHPR about their missions and what the funds will do to support their work in BIPOC communities. 

photo of man holding sign saying 'vote no on budget'
Todd Bookman/NHPR

A $13.5 billion budget bill slated for a vote in the New Hampshire House and Senate on Thursday contains a new package of restrictions on abortions in New Hampshire. Republicans added the measure, known as the Fetal Life Protection Act, to the spending plan, and Gov. Chris Sununu has said he supports elements of the act, and will sign the budget bill should it reach his desk. 

Dan Tuohy / NHPR

On May 13, the CDC updated their guidance to say that fully vaccinated adults can safely resume activities indoors or outdoors without masks or distancing.  The CDC still says “Masks are a critical step to help prevent people from getting and spreading COVID-19” and recommends that unvaccinated people wear a mask in any public setting where they will be around other people.

N.H. State House
Allegra Boverman for NHPR

It happens every other year, but amid a deadly pandemic and an unprecedented session of remote legislating, lawmakers are finally closing in on how New Hampshire plans to spend its money over the next two years. 

A hand dispenses covid 19 vaccination into a syringe.
Todd Bookman; NHPR

State health officials have contacted some New Hampshire residents to confirm the information on their vaccine cards.

Two views from Star Island, one with the ocean and another with a gazebo in the distance.
Courtesy of Nadia Reguig

Nadia Reguig first found her way to Star Island in 2013, when she spent the summer working as a snack bar attendant and making friends with fellow employees. She quickly fell in love with the place and has returned nearly every year. 

Randolph, N.H. crash scene
Sean Hurley for NHPR

Two years after seven motorcyclists died in a collision with a pickup truck, a granite monument honors their memory in New Hampshire.

Bob Consentino

Photographer Bob Consentino says the pandemic was the most creative period of his life, thanks in large part to an Army Corps of Engineers dredging project in Rye Harbor. 

photo of performers
Todd Bookman/NHPR

Singing and drumming. Readings and reflection. 

It was all part of this year’s Juneteenth, the country’s newest official holiday, recognized with events around New Hampshire. 

National Drought Monitor

Northern New Hampshire is officially back in a drought, and most of the rest of the state remains abnormally dry as of this week, according to the National Drought Monitor.

Windfall series image
Sara Plourde

A new series and an announcement: After 20 years of politicization and red tape, the U.S. is moving full speed ahead on plans to install thousands of wind turbines off the Atlantic coast.

Today, we’re proud to announce a special five-part series exploring this story, launching June 24. It’s called Windfall, and it follows the birth of a brand new industry in the U.S., one that will invest billions of dollars in our economy and reshape our coastal communities.  

COVID-19 vaccine shot.
Todd Bookman / NHPR

President Joe Biden is marking another milestone in his quest to bring the COVID-19 pandemic under control.

North Woods Law episode
North Woods Law

A multi-day pursuit to rescue a goose with a plastic six-pack ring around its neck and the investigation of an abandoned barrel possibly related to a 20-year-old cold case are featured in a new season of "North Woods Law."

A story about crickets that isn't actually about crickets at all.

This episode was originally published in 2019. It has been updated.

City of Dover, Dover Public Library

As Juneteenth celebrations get underway this weekend, a special tribute is planned to honor the career of Dover native Nellie Brown Mitchell. She was born in the 1840s and went on to become one of America’s most successful Black sopranos. Now, an effort is underway to draw attention to her life story.

Courtesy of Stu Dias

NHPR will feature contemporary New Hampshire musicians on All Things Considered all summer, as part of our summer music series.  To help with our kick off, we turned to a musician we’ve featured before, Stu Dias of the Seacoast-based band the Soggy Po Boys. He’s spent some time during the pandemic creating new music and listening to other musicians, and he has a few recommendations to get us going.

Dan Tuohy / NHPR

Gov. Chris Sununu applauded the $13.5 billion state budget compromise reached by Repulican negotiators in the House and Senate Thursday as a great deal for New Hampshire taxpayers and a prudent response to the needs of the state.