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Monadnock Chorus

Todd Bookman, NHPR

The Monadnock Chorus has been sharing song and creating community for more than 50 years. Phyllis Scott joined the chorus in 1972.

PHYLLIS: Wherever I have lived I’ve felt the need to be singing. It’s just very fulfilling to me, it’s a wonderful way to make friends and it’s just part of me that’s all.

I started singing with a choir, or a chorus, when I was ten years old; I really got hooked. You can go and sing and everything that might have bothered you during the day is gone. You’re focused totally on the singing. I’ve been with this chorus such a long time that to me it’s family. Everybody has ups and downs in life and this group is just there for you.

We just completed our spring concert and we did the Brahms Requiem and people come out of the woodwork to hear that piece. Where we live I think you'd have to go a long way, maybe even to Boston or one of the bigger cities, to hear work like Brahms Requiem. It was very well done,The community comes out for us and it really is well received.

I just think it’s the spirit of the group. It’s just a group that loves to sing and by singing together they love each other.