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N.H. Projects In The Running for Major Clean Energy Contracts in Mass.

Thomas Gehrke
Flickr Creative Commons

Energy developers are set to learn Thursday which of their projects will get long-term contracts to provide 1,200 megawatts of renewable energy to Massachusetts.

Several projects in New Hampshire are in the running.

Developers sent in more than 40 proposals to bring hydro, solar and wind power to Massachusetts, primarily from Northern New England and Canada.

The contenders include big Canadian-fueled transmission lines, such as Northern Pass and Granite State Power Link, which would run through New Hampshire and still need siting approval.

A contract with Massachusetts for either project would help prove its viability to regulators.

Evaluators could also pick a number of smaller projects – including solar farms in New Hampshire, wind farms in Maine and hydro installations in Vermont. The minimum size for bids to the Massachusetts request was 20 megawatts.

The state will choose other plans for 1,600 megawatts of offshore wind power in April.

Check back for updates on Thursday. 

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