Art Based Literacy Reaches out to NH Refugee Students

Nov 16, 2011

In 2009 Beth Olshansky, a pioneer in a theory of education called "art based literacy" brought her ideas to Webster Elementary school in Manchester.  Olshansky worked with the school's large immigrant and refugee population, many of whom hardly spoke English, by having them illustrate then write a book on the stories of their lives. It was successful. The following year, Moharimet Elementary School in Madbury caught wind of the project and decided to bring a new group of Webster students over there to have them write their stories together. There's hardly any non-native children in Moharimet's student body, so the projected helped both schools, not only in learning to read and write better through art, not only by learning about different cultures, but by realizing that the immigration stories of the Moharimet kid's parents and grandparents in many ways paralleled that of their new refugee friends. Keith Shields bring you their story.