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Word of Mouth

We Want Your Questions For An Upcoming Series On The North Country

Justine Paradis
We're seeking questions about the North Country for our upcoming series.

Word of Mouth explores New Hampshire through deep-dive series reported around a central theme.

Our next theme: the North Country, or the Great North Woods. Here's your chance to shape our reporting.

What questions do you have about the North Country?  Send them to wordofmouth@nhpr.org or submit them in the form below!

Since we start each episode with an audience question, this is a chance to profoundly shape NHPR's coverage. Here's how our reporting process works.

For instance, in "The Rules Are Different Here," our four-part investigation on incarceration in New Hampshire, listeners asked about access to opioid treatment in prison, the ethics of inmate labor, and the chronic staffing shortage in the state prison system. 

What are your questions about the Great North Woods? What topics might be underreported or misunderstood?

Whether your family has lived north of the Notches for generations, or you've spent years hiking in the White Mountains, or you're not sure where exactly the North Country even is, we want to hear from you.

Perhaps you wonder about the hidden consequences of a changing economy, and the shift from industry to tourism; forgotten histories and local myths; language, dialect, and immigration history; how state and federal taxes are distributed, or the ways that race, education, infrastructure, or healthcare are playing out in the region.

Submit your idea–in the form of a question!–and we may be in touch if we decide to explore it. You can fill out the form below or email us at wordofmouth@nhpr.org.


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