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Our 9 month series, New Hampshire's Immigration Story explored just that... the vast history of who came to New Hampshire, when they came, why they came, the challenges they faced once they landed on Granite State soil and the contributions that they brought to our state. The Exchange, Word of Mouth, and our News Department looked at the issue of immigration from its first arrivals to the newest refugees calling New Hampshire home.We saw how immigration affects our economy, health care, education system, culture and our current system of law. We also looked at what's going on in New Hampshire today, as we uncovered the groups, societies and little known people who are making an impact all over the state.Funding for NH's Immigration Story is brought to you in part by: New Hampshire Humanities Council, Norwin S. and Elizabeth N. Bean Foundation, The Gertrude Couch Trust0000017a-15d9-d736-a57f-17ff89e10000

6.28.16: DNA Unraveled, Texas' Patent Empire, & Urogential Transplants

Andy Leppard via Flickr CC

DNA evidence broke ground by taking the uncertainty out of criminal convictions. But what was once a slam dunk to judge, jury and the public is increasingly under scrutiny. Today, unraveling genetic evidence.

Plus, Marshall, Texas is not what you'd call an innovation hub, yet a quarter of the nation's patent cases are filed there. A reporter looks into why patent holders and trolls choose this sleepy town and its one powerful judge to settle their suits - fast.

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DNA, Disintegrated

If you watch enough police procedurals and crime shows like CSI, you'd think DNA evidence is a slam dunk.  It's a little more complicated in real labs where technicians have to interpret data based not only on science, but often, judgment calls. The irony is that with forensic scientists now able to detect mere traces of DNA, comes the possibility that innocent people could be connected to the crime scene. That's at the heart of a case being made for one man imprisoned in Georgia.

Journalist Chris Berdik investigated the case, one of several challenging the precision and accuracy of genetic evidence. We read his article, “The Unraveling of DNA Forensics” in Playboy.

DNA, Disintegrated

Texas' Patent Empire

In 2015, nearly half of patent cases filed in the country ran through US District Court of East Texas. And more than a quarter end up in front of one small-town judge. It's not that Texas is a hotbed of innovation, but that the mostly rural district made some tweaks to its rules to speed up the process of settling patent cases - the adjustments were made back in the early days of the tech revolution.

Since then, patent holders and the trolls who leverage them infringement cases have flocked to the district known to be friendly to their cause. Kaleigh Rogers, is a staff writer for Motherboard, who wrote the article "The Small Town Judge Who Sees a Quarter of the Nation's Patent Cases."

Texas' Patent Empire

The Importance of Genital Urinal Transplants

Last month, news of a first of its kind transplant in the US made for some grabby headlines.  A surgical team at Massachusetts General Hospital announced the experimental urogenital transplant on a 64-year old man who'd had his penis removed because of cancer.

The breakthrough represents hope, especially among combat veterans who feel stigmatized and emasculated by loss or severe injury to the genitals and urinary tract - suicide rates are especially high among them. Denise Grady reported the story for the New York Times, where she'd also covered the progress of a surgical team at Johns Hopkins which has been focusing on wounded troops.

The Importance of Genital Urinal Transplants


A Refugee's Journey to San Francisco

It's been five years since the conflict in Syria began. More than 250,000 Syrians have since been killed and almost 11 million displaced. Fleeing the country is often a long and perilous journey - especially for members of Syria's maligned LGBT community. Eli Wirtschafter shares an atypical refugee story as part of the KALW series Crosscurrents.

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